Route to Net Zero

The Route to Net Zero campaign has been launched by Logistics UK to help the logistics industry come together to achieve Net Zero as quickly as possible, and to identify what logistics needs to succeed in this ambition.

Route to Net Zero


We know our members are already taking important steps to help lower greenhouse gas emissions across their operations. Many operators are investing in lower carbon fuels and technologies, changing their business practices to improve the efficiency of their fleet operations and providing training to encourage good driver behaviours to lower fuel consumption and emissions. But to achieve Net Zero, much more needs to be done across all logistics transport modes and all parts of the supply chain, such as distribution centres and warehousing.

To help support this journey, Logistics UK launched its Route to Net Zero campaign and member commitment in July 2021. The aim is to highlight the good practice already happening across the sector, provide useful case studies and resources for logistics companies looking for ways to reduce their emissions and engage with relevant policymakers on the support that can help the industry to decarbonise as quickly as possible.


Policy Manifesto  

To mark Transport Day at COP26 on 10 November 2021, Logistics UK has launched The Route to Net Zero: A Manifesto for Logistics. This sets out the positive steps that should be taken by the Government and policymakers to help logistics transport operators to decarbonise their operations across all transport modes, including:  

  • Large scale technology trials must result in clarity and certainty for HGV operators on which zero tailpipe emission technologies will be commercially viable, enabling long-term business planning. 

  • Government infrastructure development plans must fully recognise the needs of commercial vehicles and include targets on how, where and when the supporting infrastructure will be in place. 

  • A public spending programme and regulatory changes must allow for fair and equitable funding upgrades to the electricity network, supporting operators install essential chargepoints at their depots. 

  • The use of appropriate low carbon fuels must be fully incentivised through the tax system to help operators lower their emissions immediately. 

  • Electrification must be delivered across the rail network to provide private-sector freight operators with the confidence to invest in electric locomotives.  

  • Proposals to develop Sustainable Aviation Fuels and Zero Emission Flights need to be delivered, helping the UK become a global hub for low-emission aviation.  

  • Government policy frameworks must work to protect and expand our inland waterway freight infrastructure. 

The full recommendations and manifesto document can be viewed here. You can also watch the webinar where we launched our manifesto, here. If you would like to view the slides from the webinar again they can be found here.



Member call to action 

Logistics UK is asking our members to support the campaign and commit to decarbonising their operations as quickly, effectively and as urgently as possible to speed up the UK’s path to Net Zero by 2050.

We know the pathway to Net Zero will be challenging for many of our members, as the technology solutions are still being developed, but we will work to ensure our campaign is meaningful and can translate into real action.

To sign up to the Route to Net Zero pledge, please complete the application form, available to download here and return, along with a copy of your company’s CSR/Environmental Report to:



Other ways members can get involved

In addition to signing up to the Route to Net Zero commitment, members can get involved by joining our Environment Working Group, which helps to shape and inform Logistics UK’s policy positions on environmental issues affecting logistics and the supply chain. The group meets at least three times a year and represents a wide range of sectors. For more details contact Denise Beedell.



Policy Manager



Michelle Gardner - Head of Public Policy 

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To sign up to the Route to Net Zero pledge, please complete the application form, available to download here and return, along with a copy of your company’s CSR/Environmental Report to

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Logistics UK - The Route to Net Zero: A Manifesto for Logistics

Logistics UK has launched The Route to Net Zero: A Manifesto for Logistics. This sets out the positive steps that should be taken by the Government and policymakers to help logistics to decarbonise their operations across all transport modes as quickly as possible.



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